Expense records

Basetwelve makes sure you recover all your out-of-pocket expenses on behalf of your clients and maintain a transparent recharge policy by easily creating detailed expense records. 

  • Maintain records of your day-to-day suppliers – register each supplier data in our database once and find the relevant record for any further expense record
  • Keep accurate track of expenses by recording date, purpose and description, amount, VAT rate, etc
  • Upload receipts and invoices and access them at any time
  • Generate customizable reports

BaseTwelve's personnel management features include detailed individual personnel files, a streamlined process for approving and managing leave days, management of overtime, employee valuation based on fully customizable appraisal forms, and then some more.

Clients and projects

Manage your clients and projects with BaseTwelve. Each client can have any number of projects and, for each project, you can set several parameters: scope of work, calendar, milestones, allocated time, budget, billing and a dedicated team to access any project assets based on a uniquely detailed role based access system.

Document Management

Keeping track of your documents has never been so easy! Basetwelve`s built-in editor allows you to import, create and edit office documents. Besides, you can share documents with your team, clients and business partners.

Virtual Datarooms

Basetwelve offers Virtual Datarooms for both platform`s users and external users.

Our features allows you to create accounts, grant access and always know who did what and when.

Time Keeping

Basetwelve helps you accurately record the time spent on your projects and keep accurate time sheets will ease the work of the whole team. All you have to do is to fill in the description and the time spent on the project and press `SAVE` botton.

Expense records

Basetwelve makes sure you recover all your out-of-pocket expenses on behalf of your clients and maintain a transparent recharge policy by easily creating detailed expense records. 


Basetwelve helps you to get rid of the burden of your bills! You can issue and send invoices to your customers and track payments in real time.
If you use basetwelve as a client, you can have direct access to the invoices issued by the providers.


Basetwelve offers a transparent task allocation system which gives you everything you need to stay updated, hit deadlines and reach your goals! You can create tasks, set deadlines, see what others have to do, receive real-time notifications and see the updates from each task.

Project Notes

Get organized! Basetwelve allows you to create and edit notes for each project.  You can share them with your team by ticking `share`, to increase productivity. 

Project Updates

Keep everyone updated! Basetwelve helps you to make real-time updates on all your projects and notify your team when the project is completed or when important things happen.


Manage your inventory with BaseTwelve to keep track of your company cars, phones, tablets, laptops, or even key cards - or any other items. Check when the next service visit is due, download user's manual or ownership documents and, generally keep all important information of your inventory in one place.

Companies, branches and secondary offices

Whether you are a small business or a large corporate group split into dozens of companies, branches and secondary offices, BaseTwelve will keep track of all your corporate information.

Detailed Log

Basetwelve is a fully auditable system and offers you access to all user interactions. Basetwelve provides you a powerful log browsing tool so you can check the log and search for specific actions any time you want to.

Role Based Access

Basetwelve respects your confidentiality agreements! You decide who does what with a role based access system. With a few dozens variables that you can change, there is virtually no limit to the number of access profiles that you can create. This way, can easily enforce a need-to-know access policy.

End-to-End Encryption

All data is securely transferred and stored.

Multilingual Support

Basetwelve is currently available in English and Romanian and it was created to meet the needs of users, so if you want to use our platform, but your current language is not one of those mentioned, we can implement the translation, according to your language preferences.

Buit-in Feedback System

We are grateful that you have chosen Basetwelve as your daily work management solution. Your opinion matters to us, so tell us what you like and don't like.